Audio & video Streaming

Audio streaming

Audio streaming an event is useful for bringing together a group of speakers through voice via Skype and or phone and broadcasting them live, online and within Second Life. It can also used for DJing music or live music performances that could accompany your event, or be a main attraction.

Live on-site event services
– – recording live events for streaming into Second Life, OpenSim, SL Teen Grid, or other virtual worlds and onto the web

Virtual event services
– – DJ Service
– – Building custom event facilities
– – In-world event hosting, either in your space or ours as needed.
– – Chat relay to web-based and IRC chat
– – Planning and hosting special events for your in-world attendees while RL conference attendees are at lunch or other non-broadcastable event

video services
We also offer various video-related services such as broadcasting live from Second Life to the web via online services such as Ustream, broadcasting live or pre-recorded traditional video into Second Life and machinima filming, postproduction & editing.

Orientation Areas

Accompanying a gateway, The Vesuvius Group can design and build orientation areas that have 3 levels of training for new users: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. The orientation areas can incorporate media such as text, video and audio options, with appropriate signage, maps, notecards and props.

The beginning level consist of 5 phases of training including Movement, Communication, Inventory, Orienting Your Avatar, and Changing Your Appearance.

Phase I would be about movement. Not only teaching new users how to walk, fly and sit, but also teaching them what their mouse can do and the useful pie menus.

Phase II would be about communication. Teaching new uses how to use open chat, instant messages and about groups

Phase III would be about thier inventory. From buying objects, finding them within thier inventory, to unpacking them. Along with that we would teach about inventory organization, from the default folders to creating new folders and the default library and inventory search.

Phase IV would be about orienting the users. Now that they know how to move we would teach them on how to find places to go, from the mini map and world map to teleporting and the usefulness of SLURLs.

Finally Phase V would be about appearance, from how to chose a new avatar and editing their appearance to wearing new clothing and dragging entire folders on to themselves.

The intermediate and advanced training areas consist of signs, appropriate notecards and room to practice for new users.

About us

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Web integration

Virtual worlds don’t have to be self-contained places. They can be integrated with the web. We can integrate your existing technology, webapps and databases with a virtual world.

Web 2.0 feature integration including fresh content you or we generate using dynamic, updatable tools you already know or we can teach you.  We can integrate nearly any platform that produces XML/RSS content.

Some platforms we support:
– – blogging platforms such as WordPress, Movable Type, LiveJournal and sites based on its codebase
– – microblogging platforms such as Twitter, Plurk and
– – photo sharing applications such as Flickr
– – content management systems such as Ning and Joomla
– – courseware systems such as Moodle/Sloodle
– – social network platforms like Ning, Facebook, and LinkedIn

– – application development
– – dynamic content management
– – audio/video streams, RSS syndication, and VOIP

Mixed reality events

A mixed reality event is an event that happens in both a virtual world and the physical world at the same time. Both worlds are connected with each other through video, sound, and/or a human facilitator which allows interaction to transcend the boundary separating them. The Vesuvius Group has implemented this concept for meetings between people who are located in different places around the world, professional conferences, live concerts by bands located in different places, and much more.

In order for a mixed reality event to work well both physical and virtual worlds need to create one continuous space. This is accomplished by both worlds being able to see, hear and communicate with one another. An example of this is to have the physical world is to have a camera streaming into the virtual world and to have a projector showing that very same world at the same time, in the virtual world you have physical world streaming live. Both Linden Lab and IBM use this technology extensively. You can find a description of this implementation on Linden Lab’s blog. working in the virtual world

You can do this for events as diverse as fashion shows, dance parties and United Nations hearings.

IBM Case Study (PDF)

RegApi community portal

For the Second Life Grid the Vesuvius Group can program a web portal to bring web visitors straight to your virtual presence, bypassing the Second Life website or orientation areas. This will enable you to create a focused and branded experience and develop a custom-made new user experience.

Option A: Bulk Account Creation Main Grid
Second Life Registration Method Bulk
Fee $50 for first fifty accounts.
+ $50 * n(100 avs) for accounts above 50.
Turn around time 2 days

Option B: Registration Portal
Main Grid
Second Life Registration Method Individual Sign up
Setup fee $500 setup
Development time Basic template, 3 weeks
Hosting (choose one)
Vesuvius hosted $10/mo hosting (includes all LL updates to RegAPI code, minor text edits, email alert of new registered users from your portal & monthly statistics report)
– – Additional charges $50/hour additional hourly fee for additional design or features beyond standard site
– – Time to develop 3 weeks
Self hosted (on client’s own hosting service) $10/mo hosting (includes all LL updates to RegAPI code, minor text edits, email alert of new registered users from your portal & monthly statistics report)
– – Additional charges $50/hour for client server side updates, installs and design work needed.
– – Time to develop 3 weeks

Linden Lab setup
(enabling RegA PI for region, etc)
The region/estate owning avatar would need to ask for RegApi access, we can do this if we have access to that avatar. We understand of course if this is not possible or desirable.
Additional Options $50/per hour charge for web design and additional functionality beyond our standard template.
Volume Discounts
(multiple projects)
We don’t currently have a discounts setup, but are open to discuss such things.
Educational Discount 20% off any additional hourly fees charged for custom/additional development.
Additional Linden Lab fees: Main Grid
Custom Last Name $1000 + $500 annual

Accompanying a gateway, We can also provide Orientation Areas.

Virtual world development

Whether you want a presence in a existing virtual world or to have a stand-alone virtual experience, the Vesuvius Group has the knowledge and skill to create a space that caters to your desires.

This includes, but is not limited to:

* Complete Development
* Project Management
* 3D Architecture and Design
* Avatar Customization and Animations
* Web Development and Graphic Design
* Social Media and Web 2.0 Tool Integration
* Audio / Video Broadcasting and Production
* Machinima Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Filming and Editing
* Event Planning and Hosting

Platforms we support:

Second Life Grid
Enterprises and educational institutions of all types choose the secure Second Life Grid software platform to build online 3D virtual worlds. Business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations create both public and private spaces using the tools and technologies powering Second Life™, the largest virtual world community.

Second Life Teen Grid
The Teen Grid is a secure grid where only age-verified teens from 13-17 and adults working on approved teen-focused educational projects are allowed. The Vesuvius Group has unequaled experience in development and event planning in the Teen Grid. Our core team is all background checked to develop on the Teen Grid.

OpenSimulator is a 3D Application Server. It can be used to create a virtual world which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols. OpenSimulator allows you to develop your world using the technologies you feel work best. This would allow you to have your presence behind your firewall and not to worry about uninvited guests, as well as define your own age limits for members.


The Vesuvius Group, LLC is an international collaborative of creatives specializing in developing online environments for community-building, whose mission it is to support institutions and companies that are engaging in projects that make a difference in their member communities and the larger world.

Our experience includes design and implementation of virtual simulation and educational spaces for companies such as Morpheus Media, BeliefNet, Ymere; institutions like the San Francisco Exploratorium and the Chicago Field Museum; educational organizations like the University of Southern California, Ramapo School District, Global Kids, and Kids Connect; and non-profit entities like Virtual Ability. This work has also included integrating virtual spaces with web 2.0 tools, social media web portals and streaming of multimedia content.


  • Complete Development
  • Project Management
  • 3D Architecture and Design
  • Programming and Scripting
  • Avatar Customization and Animations
  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • Social Media and Web 2.0 Tool Integration
  • Audio / Video Broadcasting and Production
  • Machinima Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Filming and Editing
  • Event Planning and Hosting

We are dedicated to working on projects that enrich and empower online community and we look forward to the opportunity of working collaboratively with you on your next initiative. Feel free to reach out to us by phone at +1.707.VGROUP1(8476871) or email at

Contact Us

The Vesuvius Group, LLC
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