Accompanying a gateway, The Vesuvius Group can design and build orientation areas that have 3 levels of training for new users: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. The orientation areas can incorporate media such as text, video and audio options, with appropriate signage, maps, notecards and props.

The beginning level consist of 5 phases of training including Movement, Communication, Inventory, Orienting Your Avatar, and Changing Your Appearance.

Phase I would be about movement. Not only teaching new users how to walk, fly and sit, but also teaching them what their mouse can do and the useful pie menus.

Phase II would be about communication. Teaching new uses how to use open chat, instant messages and about groups

Phase III would be about thier inventory. From buying objects, finding them within thier inventory, to unpacking them. Along with that we would teach about inventory organization, from the default folders to creating new folders and the default library and inventory search.

Phase IV would be about orienting the users. Now that they know how to move we would teach them on how to find places to go, from the mini map and world map to teleporting and the usefulness of SLURLs.

Finally Phase V would be about appearance, from how to chose a new avatar and editing their appearance to wearing new clothing and dragging entire folders on to themselves.

The intermediate and advanced training areas consist of signs, appropriate notecards and room to practice for new users.