Whether you want a presence in a existing virtual world or to have a stand-alone virtual experience, the Vesuvius Group has the knowledge and skill to create a space that caters to your desires.

This includes, but is not limited to:

* Complete Development
* Project Management
* 3D Architecture and Design
* Avatar Customization and Animations
* Web Development and Graphic Design
* Social Media and Web 2.0 Tool Integration
* Audio / Video Broadcasting and Production
* Machinima Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Filming and Editing
* Event Planning and Hosting

Platforms we support:

Second Life Grid
Enterprises and educational institutions of all types choose the secure Second Life Grid software platform to build online 3D virtual worlds. Business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations create both public and private spaces using the tools and technologies powering Second Life™, the largest virtual world community.

Second Life Teen Grid
The Teen Grid is a secure grid where only age-verified teens from 13-17 and adults working on approved teen-focused educational projects are allowed. The Vesuvius Group has unequaled experience in development and event planning in the Teen Grid. Our core team is all background checked to develop on the Teen Grid.

OpenSimulator is a 3D Application Server. It can be used to create a virtual world which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols. OpenSimulator allows you to develop your world using the technologies you feel work best. This would allow you to have your presence behind your firewall and not to worry about uninvited guests, as well as define your own age limits for members.