A mixed reality event is an event that happens in both a virtual world and the physical world at the same time. Both worlds are connected with each other through video, sound, and/or a human facilitator which allows interaction to transcend the boundary separating them. The Vesuvius Group has implemented this concept for meetings between people who are located in different places around the world, professional conferences, live concerts by bands located in different places, and much more.

In order for a mixed reality event to work well both physical and virtual worlds need to create one continuous space. This is accomplished by both worlds being able to see, hear and communicate with one another. An example of this is to have the physical world is to have a camera streaming into the virtual world and to have a projector showing that very same world at the same time, in the virtual world you have physical world streaming live. Both Linden Lab and IBM use this technology extensively. You can find a description of this implementation on Linden Lab’s blog. working in the virtual world

You can do this for events as diverse as fashion shows, dance parties and United Nations hearings.

IBM Case Study (PDF)