The Vesuvius Group is a collective of idea conceptualizers and techy creatives who have come together in Second Life to work on collaborative projects. Each team member comes to this virtual space with real world talents that set the stage for SL ventures ranging from project management, event planning, marketing, art direction, design, scripting, 3D building and texture modeling.

We are a development firm focused on virtual worlds and web interactivity/design. We work on the principles of not only creating quality products and providing reliable services, which engage your audience and allow them to become a part of the experience. Our goal is to bring a bit of magic to these spaces and invite users to play and interact with your virtual world projects and business.


* Texture creation (avatar customization, clothing, texture mapping)
* 3D Design & building
* Event planning and hosting
* Scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming & editing machinima
* Scripting/programming of interactive objects
* Web integration into SL (RSS/database backend)