Virtual Beliefnet

The Second Life sim Virtual Beliefnet was used as an entry point sim for the online community of which included a welcome area, event area, informational and user quiz space and a parceled off section for community housing, all set to a calming design and well landscaped terrain that included influences from various spiritual denominations and paths. - Virtual Beliefnet

View images of this build was a mixed reality event that took place at the Canal Room Club in NYC and Simultaneously within Second Life. It featured the performances of the bands Buddhahead and Shock Radar playing live at the venue, streamed live into SL as the backdrop where the band’s avatars were performing for the virtual audience and footage of the virtual performance shown back into the club, both streaming live back and forth. We created the stage setting environment, custom avatars modeled after real life band members and in world promotional items. We also puppeteered at real life event and filmed and produced machinima for event.

buddahead-holding me back

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PodCamp NYC – 2007

For the 2007 Podcamp NYC unconference we created the accompanying Second Life event build which included a circus themed area with a central event tent and tents for all sponsors that featured their logos, information and links to sponsor websites.

urban hotspot_001

Replica of the Chicago Building in Amsterdam - Chicago Appartment Building

This build was created as part of a technology presentation for the Dutch housing developer Ymere. From architectural plans we built a replica of an apartment building in Second Life that was under new construction in Amsterdam. It was used as an interactive model and for space planning of the real architecture.

Visit the build In-World (Careful, this build is 600m up.)

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Created the virtual office space of Morpheus Media LLC, NY. Playful, elegant designed meeting and office areas, that defy RL conventions. Included conference areas, event stages, automatic tour ride, event management and development of prototypes for their clients and of new technologies.

Morpheum 2007 (1)

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Suffern Middle School(NY)

For the Ramapo School District’s virtual educational Ramapo Teen SL islands, we created an exciting futuristic welcome area with details like steamy vents and lighting effects to make the place come alive. It also included a games focused skills training area and an observatory, science meeting building.

Introduction area for Suffern Middle School(NY) 2006

This build is a closed Teen Grid sim.
You can view images of the build here

Suffern Middle School in Second Life Blog

Ed Wood film contest 2006 – A Zombie (Alien Starfish) Stole My Heart

the shower scene

A campy horror machinima created for the Ed Wood Machinima Festival. All build stage sets, props, filming and editing done by The Vesuvius Group.

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Sudo National Parks Visitors Center

Exploring Sudo 2007 (2)

This build was commissioned by the curator of the exhibition Pixel Dolls, Meat-Space, and Everything All at Once which was created for the Seattle Bumbershoot Arts Festival. For this exhibit we created a Fictional National park named Sudo by design of the real life artist Susan Robb. This included development of an interactive Trial Tour HUD.

Exploring Sudo 2007 (1)

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