Suffern Middle School(NY)

For the Ramapo School District’s virtual educational Ramapo Teen SL islands, we created an exciting futuristic welcome area with details like steamy vents and lighting effects to make the place come alive. It also included a games focused skills training area and an observatory, science meeting building.

Introduction area for Suffern Middle School(NY) 2006

This build is a closed Teen Grid sim.
You can view images of the build here

Suffern Middle School in Second Life Blog

Ed Wood film contest 2006 – A Zombie (Alien Starfish) Stole My Heart

the shower scene

A campy horror machinima created for the Ed Wood Machinima Festival. All build stage sets, props, filming and editing done by The Vesuvius Group.

View the film here

Sudo National Parks Visitors Center

Exploring Sudo 2007 (2)

This build was commissioned by the curator of the exhibition Pixel Dolls, Meat-Space, and Everything All at Once which was created for the Seattle Bumbershoot Arts Festival. For this exhibit we created a Fictional National park named Sudo by design of the real life artist Susan Robb. This included development of an interactive Trial Tour HUD.

Exploring Sudo 2007 (1)

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